Revista Română de Studii Electorale, Vol. X, nr. 1-2, 2022

Laura MATJOŠAITYTĖ – Targets of Disinformation in Elections
Irena HADŽIABDIĆ – International Standards and Participation of National Minorities in Electoral Process in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Marie-Christine ROSS, Simon MÉLANÇON – La Représentation politique des femmes dans la Francophonie
Katharina PABEL – The Concept of Accessibility – Its Implications for Voters and Candidates
Bogdan Nicolae ȚONEA – The Accessibility, a Theoretical Concept between National Law and European Regulations
Cristian-Alexandru LEAHU – Making Elections Accessible in Romania: A Work in Progress
Dora Esmeralda Martínez de BARAHONA – Evolución de los Procesos Electorales en El Salvador de Cara a los Próximos Comicios Electorales 2024
Daniel DUȚĂ – Research Concerning the Possibility of Using Electoral Engineering Tools in the Perspective of Organising European Elections Based on Uniform Rules
K. M. Nurul HUDA – Electronic Voting Machines to Replace Manual Processes in Elections
Emad al-SAYEH – Independence of Electoral Management Bodies in the Light of Political Crisis(from the Perspective of the Arab Environment)
João Manuel Rosa de ALMEIDA – The Intervention of Mr João Manuel Rosa de Almeida, Member of the National Electoral Commission of Portugal, at the International Conference “The 2022 Legislation and the Reform of the Portuguese Electoral System”..)

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